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We power next-generation intelligent enterprises with our Intelligent Data Platform™, a complete and modular solution built on a microservices architecture and based on the CLAIRE™ engine, our machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Intelligent Data Integration

Whether your data is multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, our hybrid data integration products integrate all of your data and applications, in batch or real time. Integrate data and applications in minutes and support new and complex integration patterns…

Intelligent Data Quality & Governance

With the Informatica Intelligent Data Quality and Governance portfolio of products, organizations around the world have been able to consistently improve the quality of their data, trust their results, and power their data-driven digital transformation..…

Data Security

The Informatica Data Privacy portfolio helps organizations protect their data in a constantly changing environment.

Intelligent Data Engineering

Informatica's comprehensive data engineering portfolio provides everything you need to process and prepare big data engineering workloads to fuel AI and analytics: robust data integration, data quality, streaming, masking, and data preparation capabilities.

Intelligent Data Catalog

Before you can get value from your data, you must find and understand your data. The Informatica Intelligent Data Catalog portfolio helps you build that understanding quickly and accurately, at enterprise scale.