Vibe Data Stream

Transform a torrent of small messages and events into unprecedented business agility and responsiveness.

A steady stream of real-time data is pouring into your organization: Clickstreams from web servers, application and infrastructure log data, and information from sensors or agents placed on devices and machines comprising the "Internet of Things.” You can transform it all into actionable data, but only if you gather and analyze it immediately.

Informatica Vibe Data Stream for Machine Data (VDS) helps you manage many small pieces of data as they flow in at high rates and accumulate quickly into large volumes. Vibe Data Stream is purpose-built for efficiently collecting all forms of streaming data and delivering it directly to both real-time and batch processing technologies — so you can analyze and act on it while it’s still fresh and relevant.

A distributed, scalable system, Vibe Data Stream uses Informatica’s proven high-performance brokerless messaging technology to greatly simplify streaming data collection. Features include:

 - Lightweight agents for an ecosystem of sources and targets
 - Brokerless messaging transport using a publish/subscribe model
 - Flexibility to connect sources and targets in numerous patterns
 - High-performance delivery direct to targets over LAN/WAN
 - Simplified configuration, deployment, administration, and monitoring

Out-of-the-box source and target agents collect and distribute streaming data through the high-performance message bus. The embeddable agents on sources collect data in real-time and stream millions of records per second into big data platform targets such as Hadoop and Cassandra. Vibe Data Stream also streams data directly into Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Edition, Informatica RulePoint Complex Event Processing, and Storm to enable event processing and operational intelligence in real time.