Oracle Big Data Appliance

Oracle Big Data Appliance :

Offers better performance at a lower cost.


  • Pre-integrated full rack configuration with 18 of Oracle's Sun x86 servers and InfiniBand and Ethernet connectivity to simplify implementation and management.
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance X5-2 Starter Rack contains six Oracle Sun x86 servers within a full-sized rack with redundant Infiniband switches and power distribution units.
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance Elastic Configuration expands any configuration in one node increments up to a full rack of 18 nodes.
  • All Cloudera Enterprise Technology software including Cloudera CDH, Cloudera Manager, and Cloudera RTQ (Impala).
  • Oracle NoSQL Databases.
  • Comprehensive security, including authentication, authorization and auditing capabilities.
  • Also includes Oracle Linux, Oracle Java Hotspot VM, and the Oracle R Distribution.