• Single Vendor Solution with built-in mobile connectivity, biller and banking integration
  • Integrated Customer Care + Operational Module and Reporting
  • Integrated Mobile Campaign Management
  • Deployment and Configuration Flexibility with open standard


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a simple, fast, powerful and efficient asset for a standard capability of GSM networks that transmits information over signaling channels. It allows mobile subscribers to use applications in near real-time, by typing few characters on their cell phone. USSD operations are typically initiated by typing a short code between hashes, for example *333*10#, which will return a result text directly and display a menu with more options. USSD works on almost every mobile phones platform and models, or to be precise, 99% of mobile phones worldwide supports USSD.

These make USSD a good tools for empowering financial institutions, mobile operators and merchants to navigate through the mobile economy by bringing together mobile payment applications and implementation services. How USSD technology benefit the service provider.

  • Differentiation: Launching new innovative, simple and interactive user-friendly services for mass-usage
  • Simplicity: No download and installation needed for end users.It works on all mobile phone devices
  • Riskless: Secure and cost effective (data stores neither on mobile devices nor anywhere on the USSD chain)
  • More Customer Contact Points: It can be used as payment channel for consumer driven applications


SSCi offers a unique and patented "Mobile Payment Platform” called USSD iPay that enables financial institutions and other service providers to create new services on mobile. These new services can mobilize payments, initiate marketing campaigns, purchase contents, goods or services and top-up. Simple activities, such as balance enquiry, can be conducted without involving costly customer care resources.

USSD iPay helps to create new mobile application providing secure transactions and user interaction with customers in real-time through mobile alerts, and two-way services. Banks and service providers can instantly deliver critical information to their customers’ mobile devices, no matter where they are.

SSCi works with local and global USSD aggregators as well as gateways to provide the best-in-class USSD integration so that we can provide services available for almost all GSM handsets. One single platform connecting to USSD iPay enables financial institutions and service providers to reach 100% of their customers. There are a lot of opportunities in using this platform.

  • Mobilizing Marketing: Initiate an interactive mobile marketing to encourage good user experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle management.
  • Mobilizing Payments: Simplify bill statements and payments with mobile payment.
  • Mobilizing Top-up: Make top-up easy and convenient via any channels including airtimes and credits.


The platform is a complete, powerful, enterprise-class "Payment Processing and Integrated Platform” that provides a state-of-the-art Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for true dynamic real-time integration and rapid application development. It is modular designed, customizable, highly scalable and robust standards based.

  • The Connector USSD iPay integrates with any existing banking system and service providers for actual processing of user commands. The connector layer can be customized so that it can leverage any communication channel such as Web Services, EJB, JMS and FTP Batch Processing as well as support EAI standard etc.
  • The Customer Care + Operational Module The customer care module is a web application that allows bank employees or CSRs to perform tasks such as customer registration/inactive/cancellation, mobile alert preference and reporting. Whereas operational module is used to monitor transaction audit log, monitoring, monthly/weekly/daily summary reports and much more.
  • The Channel Manager This channel can get a request and response message between USSD/SMS aggregators as well as gateways to provide interactive services to mobile users. USSD/SMS service module is an entry point for all messages to the USSD iPay. The command language can easily be customizable command names, parameters and command localizations. The session manager provides a mechanism to create a configurable session timeout.

Why SSC Integration (SSCi) and USSD iPay are the best?

SSC Integration is a software oriented company that provides an enterprise data integration service with the trust-renowned world class platform. Our customers include many leading financial institutions in Thailand, and more than 100 customers in different sectors.

We have 10+ year working experience with financial industry in Thailand. To ensure customer success, SSCi offers additional value added services including Professional Service for Application Solution and Technology Implementation.