Attunity Maestro is an enterprise-class information flow management and automation platform, integrating mission-critical data processes into daily business activity. The solution accelerates and orchestrates data transmission and deployment processes of Big Data and large-file assets throughout global data center and cloud environments.  

  Maestro is engineered for medium to large enterprise customers delivering speed, simplicity and scalability to virtually any Business or IT processes that requires information availability.

  Maestro is also designed to meet the needs of a diverse portfolio of Users - IT Operations, Lines of Business and Risk Management Teams alike - providing unique controls for defining, executing, managing and auditing all transaction and automation initiatives.

  • IT Operations – Unifies global transfer and deployment of projects across heterogeneous server and computing environments
  • Lines of Business – Speeds and simplifies information processing across business units and external partners
  • Risk Management – Address compliance requirements for a full audit of the ‘who, what, when and where’ of data transfer process. 


  Attunity Maestro Center "talks” to Attunity Maestro Nodes across an enterprise, allowing organizations to easily initiate data movement instructions anywhere in the network, geographically dispersed or not,

via a graphical user interface. Attunity Maestro addresses the needs of business users and IT professionals

by providing a self-service portal and a single point of view / control for distributed file management.

The solution can be seamlessly integrated with Active Directory to facilitate role-based access control.

Using Attunity Maestro, organizations can:

  • - Empower line-of-business staff to self-service
  • - Free up IT resources
  • - Realize quick time-to-value
  • - Centrally manage and control information flow processes
  • - Enable higher efficiency and productivity

Common Use Cases

  • - Data distribution to remote location
  • - Data consolidation for central analytics
  • - Enterprise-wide content management and sharing
  • - Multi-stage content deployment
  • - Central monitoring and control