Master Data Management (MDM)

What Is Master Data Management?

Master data management (MDM) is a methodology that identifies the most critical information within an organization—and creates a single source of its truth to power business processes.

MDM involves a number of technology solutions, including data integration, data quality, and business process management (BPM). It delivers:

  • A single view of the data—Creating a single, authoritative view of business-critical data from disparate, duplicate, and conflicting information lets you see, for instance, that Rob Barnes and Robert Barnes are the same person.
  • A 360-degree view of the relationships—Business rules let you identify the relationships among the data, so you can combine data showing Robert Barnes owns a Razor scooter with data showing he bought it at a Target store.
  • A complete view of all interactions—Integrating the transactions and social interactions that have occurred with that product, customer, channel partner, or other data element gives you a complete view of that customer.

A complete MDM solution addresses the critical business objectives digital organizations face. Informatica MDM offers the only true end-to-end solution, with a modular approach to ensure better customer experience, decision making and compliance.


The amount that the median Fortune 1000 company could boost revenue annually by increasing data usability 10%

Your business runs many applications that store data—financial systems, marketing systems, customer service systems, and so on. Each application has built its own version of data "truth.” But which one is right? Not knowing can cost your organization significantly.

You know you’re in trouble when business processes start breaking down. You don’t know what products your customers have bought. You don’t know which products are selling well, or through which channels. You can’t get important compliance documents completed on time. You can’t get marketing campaigns out the door, and when you finally do, ROI suffers.

What to look for

Not all MDM solutions are created equal. When considering options, look for these features:

  • Self service: In the new digital workplace, business users require access to relevant information to do their job.
  • Scalability: You need the capability to turn big data and IoT into actionable insights to predict the next best action.
  • Hybrid IT: Remain flexible about how and where you run your most critical business data by supporting cloud, hosting, and on-premises.
  • Multi-deployment: Opt for the flexibility of cloud and classic on-premises deployments without compromising end-to-end capabilities.
  • Multi-domain: Support for more than 100 different domains.
  • Multi-database: Offer both traditional relational databases and graph databases to visualize relationships and secure your sensitive data.
  • Multi-implementation: Provide both centralized, consolidation, co-existing registry styles and the flexibility to switch as your MDM journey matures.


The customer retention rate of best-in-class companies who have established a consistent view of customers across systems compared to laggards


Informatica has been #1 in customer loyalty for 11 years running.

Why Informatica?

Informatica Master Data Management is the market’s only end-to-end MDM solution that is both easy-to-deploy and flexible enough to solve your unique business challenges. Its benefits include:

  • Agility: Our solution can be deployed rapidly and easily and includes the full breadth of data integrity, data quality, and BPM capabilities required to successfully complete any MDM project.
  • Business user-focused: We deliver value directly to your business users by immediately improving business processes and helping them discover relationships in the data that give them powerful insights.
  • Focused on customer success: A dedicated group within Informatica’s MDM division, our customer success team was created solely to ensure customer satisfaction.