Intelligent Data Lake

FInd Any Data

Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake enables raw big data to be systematically transformed into fit-for-purpose data sets. Universal metadata services catalog the metadata attached to data, both inside and outside Hadoop, as well as capture crowdsourced tags that provide business context. Its smart recommendations provide business analysts access to nearly all the data in the organization.

Discover meaningful data relationships

When data is siloed across an organization, business analysts have only a partial perspective informing their insights. Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake instead catalogs the data for greater understanding. Business analysts can now fully use all of the organization’s data, while IT can more confidently govern, track, and secure the data.

Quickly prepare and share data

An easy-to-use Excel-like self-service data preparation tool lets business analysts quickly blend data into insights. Asset tagging and sharing capabilities enrich data assets with more metadata, facilitating reuse and increasing operational efficiency so that big data project teams can deliver business insights more quickly.

Operationalize data prep

Despite automation and self-service tools, analysts often have to repeat the same data preparation activities with each new set of data. Intelligent Data Lake lets them instead record the steps and play them back inside automated processes, thus creating a re-usable, sustainable, and operationalized system.