Informatica Integration Hub


Drive high-quality business results from your data with a productive and efficient modern publish/subscribe hub to orchestrate data integration, abstract complexity, and power your business with data.

Modern publish/subscribe hub

Accelerating analytics, modernizing applications, adopting SaaS apps, and managing big data become simpler and more manageable with the Informatica Data Hub. Enable less technical users to be more collaborative and productive thanks to wizards and an intuitive user interface. Be more productive and efficient by decoupling data sources and integrating all of your data through one system—regardless of its source.



Data integration for a hybrid world

Replace redundant and inefficient point-to-point data flows by connecting the cloud to on-premises systems through modern hybrid orchestration of data workflows. Synchronize each source system or SaaS app and ensure all consuming systems get the right, fresh data more quickly and that data integration is managed efficiently.

Big data ready

Leverage the scale and efficiency of processing and storing big data alongside data from traditional systems for managed data lakes. Integration with Informatica Big Data Management enables seamless high-performance processing of data on Hadoop bridging your data lake and data warehouse.



Centralized management & monitoring

Enjoy visibility, management, monitoring, and alerting across all data workflows in one place. Automate data transformation and curated data delivery to all systems. Track lineage, analyze impact, and guarantee compliance with ease.

Key Feature

Accelerate data modernization for new projects with centralized, automated data management combined with self-service for distributed teams.

Publish/subscribe hub for curated data

Abstracts out complexity, is more efficient, and ensures all systems get the same, fresh trusted data at the time they need it.

Hybrid cloud orchestration

Unified management of hybrid workflows speeds data integration across SaaS apps, cloud analytics, and on-premises systems

Big data and traditional systems in sync

Seamlessly add automated data processing and storage on Hadoop to your existing data infrastructure.

Wizards and intuitive user interface

Easy-to-use self-service tools facilitate rapid development, increased productivity, and greater team collaboration.

Centralized data management

Increase governance with visibility, monitoring, and alerts across all data workflows, regardless of whether you’re executing in the cloud, on Hadoop, or on existing systems.

Informatica Integration Hub Options

Informatica offers flexible deployment options for the Integration Hub depending on the specific needs of different organizations.

Cloud Integration Hub

Get started quickly and easily with the Cloud Integration Hub, fully managed as a service within Informatica Cloud. Jumpstart your cloud or hybrid hub or increase the efficiency and improve the organization of your existing cloud data today.

Data Integration Hub

Orchestrate your data integration across big data, the cloud, and existing systems with Data Integration Hub installed on premises or in leading cloud hosting environments. Reap greater productivity and self-service for distributed teams.