B2B Data Exchange


Modern intercompany exchange to securely and collaboratively integrate any data with partner networks.

Integrate everything and everyone

Fully automate data exchanges with channel partners—small and large—for greater efficiency, stronger relationships, and improved operational performance. A point-and-click interface creates advanced data transformations for virtually any format, complexity, or size: complex XML, industry formats (SWIFT, HL7, or EDI X12, for example), unstructured documents, even legacy data formats like COBOL copybooks.


Onboard partners five times faster

Imagine configuration and reuse with no more custom coding. Through a business-friendly user interface, business analysts—not developers—add and configure new partners, dramatically improving onboarding time and time to information. For larger communities, partners can self-onboard through a partner portal, reducing the cost and complexity of managing these larger partner communities.

Get complete visibility

Business operators and, with authorization, your partners, have end-to-end visibility to all data flows, processing bottlenecks, and failures. "Always on” monitoring and notifications ensure you know about problems and resolve them before they impact the business. Dashboards measure key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can identify problem areas or trends for performance improvement.



Enjoy quality-assured data exchange

Delivering data is one thing but ensuring it can be consumed by applications or partners without staging or additional manipulation is the game-changing capability that Informatica offers. With built-in data quality validations and the ability to leverage Informatica Data Quality business rules, you ensure shared data is complete, accurate, and timely.

Key Feature

Securely integrate any data with partners with agility, flexibility and productivity to drive growth and profitability.

Advanced data transformation

Enables integration for any data format from industry standards, to complex XML, to unstructured data

Business Activity Monitoring

Provides visibility into B2B data integration, insight into content at each step, and ability to capture metadata

Self-service partner portal

Powerful and easy to use self-service tools for on-boarding, file exchange, reporting and monitoring creates collaborative and productive partner networks

Flexible partner management

Business friendly user interface, collaboration tools to interact with partners and support for any data type and multiple methods of data exchange contribute to greater agility

Prepackaged Industry Format Standards

Maintained libraries for industry-specific data format standards for banking, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing

Add-On Packages

Managed File Transfer

Secure and guaranteed file transfers through a vast number of supported communications protocols, including web services.

EDI Gateway

Modernize your gateway to meet evolving business needs. Support EDI and more in one comprehensive solution.

Data Exchange for Data Aggregators

Provides a complete integration platform to acquire any kind of data, validate it, and make it usable in near real-time.