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Oracle Cloud continues the heritage of providing mission- and business-critical application and data solutions for organizations of all sizes. Future-proof your business with the future-proof cloud.


Businesses need complete technology solutions that reduce complexity. They want cloud functionality and solutions that are fully integrated and also integrated with on-premises platforms to deliver a seamless experience.

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Oracle gives you more options for where and how you make your journey to the cloud. You can use existing skillsets across technology stacks, run both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, and connect third-party apps with those from Oracle.

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Core-to-edge security. Oracle security enables your path to the cloud with layers throughout the stack that defend and protect every aspect of your on-premises, private, and public-cloud environments. Oracle provides visibility to unsanctioned apps and protects against sophisticated cyberattacks.

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Oracle helps you realize the value of emerging technologies including AI, machine learning, chatbots, and more. We make these technologies simpler to access, easier to build and extend, and more efficient to secure and manage.

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Next-generation mission-critical data management in the cloud. Public cloud is a key component of the digital transformation across businesses, but moving all workloads and applications to the public cloud is generally not realistic. To help achieve savings and agility improvements, Oracle Autonomous Database uniquely enables this transformation by eliminating complexity, human error, and manual management.

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