Big Data Relationship Management

Improve big data analytics

The Informatica Big Data Relationship Management solution improves the fidelity of big data analytics with accurate information. Since big data systems integrate data across multiple internal and external systems, the data can be inconsistent and duplicated. Big Data Relationship Management matches duplicate party information within and across multiple sources and links it to create the most accurate information.

Infer non-obvious relationships

Big Data Relationship Management infers non-obvious relationships among parties to automatically discover people within a household, organization, or a locale. It sorts parties based on common attributes, and groups them to create a 360-degree view of the party. The result: You can search and view the relationships in real time.

View social relationships

With Big Data Relationship Management, you can discover and visualize relationships across vast amounts of disparate data brought in from social media. It creates and actively maintains the relationships by appending any new information, internal or external, about the party, such as social, demographic, and interaction data from sources like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Receive results rapidly

You get rapid results since Big Data Relationship Management processes billions of records of data within hours. In the traditional world, such processing could take days. Since social media produces vast amounts of data, now business users see accurate and related information about parties in real-time — and can perform their daily tasks more efficiently.