Big Data Parser

Access the most difficult data and file formats in Hadoop, reducing the time and cost of developing data parsers.

Streamline development

Informatica Big Data Parser's example-based transformation dramatically increases productivity. Users view a data sample in original and text formats, which allows continuous development of the parser or data handler and provides instant feedback without the need to compile and deploy.

Accelerate deployment

Informatica Big Data Parser increases development speed on Hadoop up to five times faster than hand coding by supplying pre-built parsers for many industry standards (for example, FIX, SWIFT, NACHA, SEPA, ACORD, HIPAA, HL7, EDI, ASN.1). The Big Data Parser engine is accessible for Hadoop developers in a simple call, enabling the parsing of any data format inside Hadoop.

Rapidly deliver data

Informatica Big Data Parser provides a visual development environment to parse and transform structured and semi-structured formats rapidly into a usable, canonical, and flattened format. With Big Data Parser, Hadoop developers can use a single transformation engine, instead of multiple coded data handlers, to develop a single program agnostic to the data variation.