Big Data Management Editions

The gold standard in data management solutions for integrating, governing, and securing big data that your business needs to get business value quickly.

Integrate more from more sources

Simplify and accelerate big data integration with out-of-the-box purpose-built connectors to hundreds of data sources, real-time streaming, and mass ingestion, while delivering big data to multiple consumers with hub-based data architecture.

Accelerate developer productivity

A visual development interface with parameterized development accelerates developer productivity and ensures that the best open source platform innovations can be adopted flexibly without sacrificing code reusability or maintainability. Pre-built transformations and parsers ensure that projects can be delivered quickly with out-of-the-box functionality.

Ensure data governance holistically

Multi-persona role-based stewardship and purpose-built data quality ensure that raw data is quickly and collaboratively curated into trusted information. End-to-end data lineage tracking and sensitive data detection is enabled by a 360 view of data and relationships.

Protect more data without more risk

Non-intrusive data de-identification and persistent data masking ensure that sensitive data is not at risk for unauthorized use while security policies are centrally managed.