Only knowledge people work here is our motto to drive the Learning Organization. Every employee at SSCi should be able to learn and share knowledge among colleagues and the customers. Most of our employee has more than 5 years of working experiences and everyone has a responsibility to respect for individual.

SSCI 's employees will be fulfilled their contribution and effort with our fair compensation.

  • Health Insurance: We provide comprehensive coverage up to reasonable and necessary amounts to our employees and their family starting on the first day that they joining us.
  • Life Insurance and Accidental Insurance: We provide comprehensive coverage through 24 hours a day.
  • Employees' Fund: We offer fund for employees in case of giving birth, general harm and danger or dead.
  • Medical Check-up: We offer our employees medical check-up by a well-qualified hospital.
  • Special Leave: We offer leave for special occasion as being ordained and getting married.
  • Training & Development: With our motto ‘Only knowledge people work here’, our employees have entire opportunity to increase their knowledge and competence at work by attending various training program. And also we offer scholarship for qualified employees.
  • Social Insurance: This fund is founded for our employees in case of sickness, giving birth, deforming or dead which are not caused by working.
  • Compensation Fund: This fund is founded for the employees who get sick or get lost due to working.