About SSC Integration

About SSC Integration Co., Ltd. 

  Anytime you are facing organizational problems, SSCI can be your trusted advisor for at least 3 major funtions

   Our Data Management Service        Our Application Management Service          Our Data Analytic Service 
   Consultancy services focuses on           Application is develop on a leading       Democratize data discovery & insights
  Data-Driven Architecture including         low-code development platform that        consumption to accelerate the way
  Real-Time Data Management, Data        lets you visually develop your entire               businesses make decisions
    Integration, Data Security, Data             application, easily integrate with 
    Cleansing and Data Governance           existing systems, and add your own
                                                            custom code when you need it

SSC Integration Company (SSCI) is the leader  of software  and consultancy services focuses on Data-Driven Architecture including Real-Time Data Management , Data Integration, Data Security, Data Cleansing and Data Governance.



Business Operations

SSC Integration defines products & services to 3 areas as the following:

1. Business Application

2. Technology Solution

3. SSC Professional Services


Our Employees
    Our 36 permanent employees
  • 1 Ph.D. on Knowledge Management
  • 1 Ph.D. Candidate on Philosophy Program in Information Studies
  • 9 Master Degree
  • 25 Bachelor Degree

"The integrator, the winner" .. is a never die vision and probably make sense for all business entities to ensure success both for employee and the organization from this statement. At SSC services and supports at a level of 'trusted advisor' to our customers and business partners.


Focus & Commitment

We are "Software Company; we "focus" and "commit" to success of the customers. We have our company’s motto of "Only knowledge people work here" as a drive to conduct our business one step ahead and above the industry service standard.


Philosophy & Motto

Our Philosophy

Good Corporate Citizen

Respect for Individual

Deliver World Class Products & Services

Our Company Belief

Only Knowledge People Work Here